E37: Ruth Roche X Empowered Women Empower Women

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast with Kelli Mason Episode 37: Ruth Roche X Empowered women empower women

Kelli got a chance to sit down with Ruth Roche in her apartment in NYC while she was in the city to assist on a photo shoot that Ruth was creating hair for! They were published in Lucy Magazine! They got to sit down and have a chat afterwards about life, goals, and how to create the life you really want, plus what that looks like after you've been at it for such a long time. Ruth has been a pioneer for so many creative and ambitious women in our industry, she's a true icon! 

Hearing Ruth chat about her life path and perseverance is so inspiring- plug in & tune out with Ruth and Kelli on the Limitless Hairdresser Podcast! 

Connect with Ruth: RuthRoche.com on Instagram: @RuthRoche and on Youtube: RuthRocheTV

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