E32: Elizabeth Faye X Hair Love Vibes

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast with Kelli Mason Episode 32: Elizabeth Faye X Hair Love Vibes

Elizabeth Faye is one of a kind. In this episode we're talking about how she built this super influential girl boss adventure camp called Hair Love Retreat! She combined all three of her favorite things to create this gorgeous event for our industry. We're also talking about the sacrifices it takes up front to build a company like this and then the fulfilment that comes from that. Plus she has a super fun way of staying present so that you can stay on task and get it ALL done! And so much more!

Elizabeth also has a podcast called Hair Love Radio where Kelli was a guest just recently! Head over there and check that out when you're done with this episode! Plug in and tune out with us today on the Limitless Hairdresser Podcast! xo

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