E20: Archetypes, Sound Bath, and Meditation... A Limitless Gathering

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast with Kelli Mason Episode 20: Archetypes, sound bath, and Meditation… A Limitless Gathering

The Idea for this podcast came about because I started connecting with so many like minded hairdressers as I've been on this journey on my own with Limitless Hairdresser sharing more of this meditation and mindfulness out on the road! I've created this beautiful network of friends from around the country! When I was all the way over in LA for ISSE Long Beach, I thought "Hey! While i'm all the way across the country why don't I get some of my favorite babes together to sit around and enjoy some crystals, meditation, good food and see what kind of conversation comes up in a group setting?" We got SO zen, sat on meditation pillows, surrounded by crystals galore in this beautiful sacred energy healing space (Thank you, Colleen) in Venice, California. In this episode we are talking about different archetypes of who shows up in our personalities and beings, all of the ways we could shift into the more positive aspects of who we are bringing to the table in different times in our lives! Beautiful spiritual girlfriend sleepover style chat with these amazing women! This episode is extra zen so plug in with us, tune out the outside world and feel the love we're offering in this episode of Limitless Hairdresser xo

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