E16: Manifesting the Life You Want

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast Episode 16: Manifesting the Life You Want

Talking about Manifesting your dream life! We're switching things up to see what feels right for us and also to see what you're liking! It would be so helpful for us if you could give us some feedback in anyway you feel best, letting us know what you want to see more of! What is vibing for you so far? Today's episode was recorded in the middle of the night when Kelli couldn't sleep because she had SO much on her mind! She just needed to purge her mind before she could get to sleep so she sat there in the dark and closed her eyes and went full force. We're talking about creating the life you really want and finding the harmony between life and work! Plug in & tune out! Let us know if this resonates with you! Love and light to all of you Xo.

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