E15: Danielle Dillard X Soul Alignment Conversations

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast Episode 13: Alana Jane X Free Your Glow Conversations

Danielle Dillard is a remarkable human being (so are you). Surface level she is a soul alignment coach who does 1:1 or group programs! She is a super free spirited wanderer, healer, dancer, player and has spent the past 6 months traveling around the United States finding her JOY in every single moment. Getting to know herself better and doing some deep healing work on herself while she is on this journey with her clients. She is just an amazing open book, and if you follow her on Instagram then you know how fun her adventures are to watch! In this episode we talk about getting into alignment with your soul, manifesting, playing through life and keeping it fresh. Plug in and tune out, you're going to love this. Xo

Connect with Danielle: @danidillard

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