E14: Kim Scott X Yogi Conversations

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast Episode 14: Kim Scott X Yogi Conversations

Kim Scott stepped into a yoga class 20 years ago, curious about the practice, walked in completely out of her comfort zone. Couldn't do any of the postures, wasn't breathing correctly and felt totally out of place. She wasn't going to go back! She was in an out of control experience. But she didn't want to waste money on the 10 classes she already purchased so she kept going back. She discovered that the ego (that likes to keep us in our old patterns of behavior) started to relax the more she went to class. Her higher self (that loves change and to break free) finally started to come forward. She started feeling all the love and acceptance in the room; the inward focus and stillness. She was led inward and finally felt the true essence of yoga: pure unconditional love. 

She fell in love with the way she started to feel which was softer on the inside but more in control in a new way. Looking inward for everything and finding a whole world inside herself. “If you just show up to yoga, beautiful things are going to happen. You'll fall in love with yourself. It's not easy, it's hard and uncomfortable; but eventually ego softens and you connect to your true self and that's where you feel the unconditional love.” 

Plug in and tune out with Kim & Kelli in this beautiful episode recorded directly in her amazing yoga studio in our home, downtown Midland, MI. XO

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