E8: How to shift your perspective

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast Episode 8: How to shift your perspective

Have you ever messed up someone's hair then laid in bed for hours playing it out over and over again like a horror movie until you feel like you're going to throw up? Yes, yes, you have...and I have too, plenty of times. And if it wasn't a "mess up", maybe someone wasn't fully satisfied and you felt like you gave it your best shot. Now you are stuck in a funky place feeling unworthy of charging what you thought you were worth, tearing yourself down, or maybe playing out an "I'm going to fire that client" sort of scenario...But you never do because you're too scared. Ok, ok, that's enough describing our worst days! We have a TON of amazing ones too. If you have ever felt yourself feeling stuck, judgmental, or just plain angry and can't get out of it...this episode is TOTES for you. Plug in and tune out because this one has a meditation! Peace, love, and light friends.

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