E12: Julia Chebotar X Health Chef Conversations

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast Episode 12 : Julia Chebotar X Health Chef Conversations

Julia is on the rise as one of the most in demand private health chefs in New York City.  She started off her career owning a highly regarded vegan restaurant in the city with her family.  She then craved the entrepreneurial life and expanded her healthy wealth of knowledge to curating meals for her clients who are on the go.  Recently she started training up and coming private chefs in the city.  She also speaks on panels about health and wellness to women entrepreneurs.   So, what does a hairdresser talk about with a Manhattan private health chef to the stars? 

 Trending health tips, meal prepping, time management, and how as a rising entrepreneur in the health space she stays energized while growing her empire.  But since this mega babe chef just happens to be one of my BFF's, it wouldn't be a real convo without mentioning that special women's time of the month, binge watching our fav Netflix shows,  and getting really close in some seedy AirBnB's across the Midwest.

We spent a few months on the road in cities all across the U.S. last fall.  We brought beauty and health together as we shared our passion for food, wellness, meditation, and HAIR together for a special Conscious Hair coloring Tour.

You will love Julia's sense of humor and how she simply breaks down how to live a healthier lifestyle.  Plug into the episode because it's filled with lots of laughs and amazing tips! 

Connect with Julia: @healthchefjulia

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