E29: David Bosscher X Destroy the Hairdresser Conversations

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast with Kelli Mason Episode 29: David Bosscher X Destroy the Hairdresser conversations

Welcome to Episode 29 where we have special guest David Bosscher of Destroy the Hairdresser! He has so many cool things to say and such a unique perspective! Kelli worked with David as her mentor at the beginning of her Limitless journey - working with him gave her a lot of confidence and showed her how much transformation she could really have when she is showing up to make those changes and having someone to hold her accountable for it. In this episode we are talking about what he does at Destroy the Hairdresser on the day to day, what being a coach looks like, and his journey through Spirituality! He talks about how Kaballah became a path for him and how he has incorporated what he's learned into his teachings. We also talk about how to embrace and approach change in life. SO, without further ado, plug in and tune out with David & Kelli on the Limitless Hairdresser Podcast! xo

Connect with David:

Instagram: @DavidBosscher & @DestroytheHairdresser Website: DestroytheHairdresser.com

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