E18: Kristina Cheeseman X Live Your Best Life Conversations

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast Episode 18: Kristina Cheeseman X Life Your Best Life Conversations

Today we are having a conversation with Kristina Cheeseman! She is a brilliant creative color artist, on the Behind The Chair team, works with Trillion Tones, and she is the brightest light! You will have so much fun listening to her point of view and inner dialogue! She knows what it's like to be at a stand still in the career, craving the next level and then basically blowing up overnight and getting to that place! We're also talking about being collaborative with other hair artists, being intuitive and destination happiness! If you love this, post in your stories and tag us! Plug in, tune out to this episode with Kristina Cheeseman!

Connect with Kristina: @KristinaCheeseman

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