E10: How to expand your mind without trying

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast Episode 10: How to expand your mind without trying

Life is supposed to be fun! I think we forget that from time to time. We get blockages of energy from the programming of our minds and stop allowing life to flow freely. Blockages can look like this: trying to control the steps to manifestation a goal or becoming upset by how others operate their lives. How do we become unaffected by happenings of life around us that feels undesirable? Expanding our consciousness. How the heck do we do that?? It's way more simple than you might think to get started and you have all the tools you need right now. In this episode I'm bringing you 3 ways you can do this without even trying. If you're ready to feel more fulfillment, joy, happiness, and allow life to flow freely and eliminate the blockages in your energetic body...plug into this episode and tune out the chatter from the outside world. Let's go on a little trip together :)

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