E28: Nicole Cichocki X Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Conversations

Limitless Hairdresser Podcast with Kelli Mason Episode 28: Nicole Cichocki X Truth, Beauty, and Goodness Conversations

Today we have Nicole Cichocki of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness! She is an Embeautyment hairstylist, a consultant and coach who lives in NYC where we recorded this episode at her studio! We met through the Left Brain Group, which is a management group for independent educators such as ourselves! It's so much fun to sit down with a fellow energy healer and craft hairdresser! We discussed what the future of the beauty industry looks like, what BEAUTY really means, and her Embeautyment Practitioner Training along with her 19 practices to enrich your lifestyle and career! If you're someone who is interested in blending craft hairdressing with the art of energy medicine to create meaningful transformations, this episode is for YOU! Plug in and tune out, and check out this episode with Kelli & Nicole! xo

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Embeautyment Practitioner Training

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