Kelli Mason offers in salon coaching classes for individual salon teams as well as open classes for hair stylists and hair dressers.


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Transform the way you think about being a hairdresser.

In salon coaching might be the right fit to elevate your culture


I have dipped my toes into just about every aspect of the hair industry.  And I love it all!  I am so excited about the progression of hair color in our field.  There is so much opportunity to create art, to give our guests something that will change the way they feel about themselves, and to work smarter not harder. 

I love working intimately with salon teams to encourage hairdressers to discover ways to live their best life. In this format I am able to connect with the owner and curate an experience that is filled with transformation and lasting results.  I can breathe new, fresh energy aligning with the salon's mission that will elevate the entire vibe amongst the team.  

Fill out this form if you're ready to shake things up at your salon, inspire your team, and help them hit their goals without it even feeling like work. 

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What they are saying

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 Kelli Mason's mindset mentoring is a coaching program for hairdressers, hairstylists, and salon owners designed to help you set goals and meet them.

Do you ever…

  • Find yourself in the same frustrating patterns?

  • Feel lost when it comes to goal setting?

  • Think that the world of being a hairdresser is just too competitive?

  • Wish you were more inspired in your career?

  • Feel like you are trapped in your current situation?

  • Wish that you could figure out...what’s next?


If you said yes to any of these then mindset mentoring might be just what you need. It would be my honor to help you get on the path of your dreams and start manifesting the life that you deserve! 

I believe that each person’s journey is unique and requires special attention to nurture and cultivate their individual gifts.  Maybe you just need a pick me up or maybe you are seeking to take your life to the next level!

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Becoming a hairdresser was hands down the best choice I have ever made for my career path.  It quite literally saved my life and gave me purpose, but it wasn’t always easy.

After more than a decade behind the chair and 8+ years in the education field  I have learned so many lessons...most of which I learned the hard way. In the past few years I realized why my path had always felt a bit lonely and some days quite the struggle.  

I never had a mentor.


Thank God that has all changed, and now have the support that I desired so long ago. It has changed everything for me to have mentors in my life that guide me when I’m lost, and allow me to see myself from a different perspective so that I can grow.

I want to give that same gift to you.

I want to help you break the cycle of career stagnation and discover true fulfillment in your life. Whether you are in a situation that is bringing you down, or you have big dreams, but don’t know where to start, I’ve got you!

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for a one hour mindset mentoring session to work out a problem or hang up you’re having on your journey.


Maybe you just need some validation that where you’re going is the right direction, maybe you need help setting and reaching new career goals, maybe you need to sort out where to take your career next!

Whatever your situation, we will use the session to meditate on the topic, shed some light on solutions, and set you on a path to implementing your new found clarity.   

Investment: $199 for one session