Kelli Mason's Conscious Hair Coloring Classes at Array Salon in Salt Lake City UT, Do the Bang Thing Denver, CO, Allure Salon INdianapolis IN, Ammon Carver Studio New York NY and her homw salon, Lux The Salon in Midland Michigan. 

what you will learn in class from 9am - 4pm:

  • Hands on hair contouring

  • Meditation for the modern hairdresser

  • Intention setting for when you get back home
  • Marketing and branding yourself as a specialist
  • Live model demo

The techniques of Conscious Hair Coloring are pure gold, but I want to bring you MORE.

I want to engage your mind, body, and soul all at once to create a change that will turn into a transformation!

My hope is that you can take what you learn, implement, and see lasting results—-that’s what transformation is all about: sustaining.

For so long we have grabbed that cup of coffee midday because we are exhausted, ate that unhealthy burger because we are busy and STARVING, or a bag of chips to have a quick snack.

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That’s why I have teamed up with my good friend, @healthchefjulia, to curate incredible food offerings for you throughout the day at our classes! THIS IS HUGE for us!

Julia is in high demand in the heart of the Big Apple, we are SO fortunate to have this opportunity!! She is going to help enlighten us on how we can sustain our energy, feel like our food is fueling us instead of weighing us down, and prepare a spread that will help us do this during our intensive hands on workshop!

kelli mason teaching conscious hair coloring

What you will learn

Join me as we dive deep into our minds and uncover the brilliance ready to be unleashed.  We will set our intentions with guided meditation, have breakout hands-on with the art of applying french balayage and my signature hair contouring concepts, and learn how to use your new skills BTC to brand yourself as a specialist and get the clients you actually want in your chair!


For the last 2 years I have been traveling the country teaching technical haircoloring in a new way. When I realized that I had given the power to my clients, I KNEW it was time for a change for myself and to help shift our industry.

For example, I would feel defeated when I couldn't deliver a "dream Pinterest hair color" in the two hours allotted on a new client who had two inches of new growth, level 1 box color ends, and a destroyed cuticle...but would try even when I KNEW it wasn't possible.  

All this created was unnecessary stress and anxiety. I was AFRAID to have the deeper level conversations that would require me to be accountable for telling the truth, even if it wasn't what the client wanted to hear.  I feel me?

I teach from the perspective that we as hairdressers are artists, we are intelligent, and we are here to be present for our clients while providing them with a service that is tailored just for them and curated by us: the professionals.

How do we take our power back?  

With self confidence, presence, and ownership of our greatness.


Conscious Hair Coloring Fall 2018 Classes


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