I am now booking my Beyond Business & Conscious Haircoloring classes through:
The Left Brain Group

kelli haircoloring.jpeg


We will set our intentions with guided meditation, have breakout hands-on with the art of applying french balayage and my signature hair contouring concepts, and learn how to use your new skills BTC to brand yourself as a specialist and get the clients you actually want in your chair!



Beyond business was created for hairdressers ready to break free from their limiting beliefs and start owning their personal power. We take our minds past the numbers, benchmarks, Instagram followers, and into our pure potential. I’ll share with you how to get what you really want, become uniquely successful, and enjoy fulfillment while you are doing it.

* Meditation 101 for the Modern Hairdresser
* TCA: Thought/Action/Choice approach to massive growth in your career
* The 4 Essentials to Creating your Dream Life
* Learn to Manifest Using Simple Visualization Methods
* Intention Setting for Success