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So you need to find a balance in your wardrobe. You want to look chic and fun at the salon because that's who you are! But at the same time, you're there to get work done. You just want to be comfortable, stylish, and not sweatin' the major hits that your bank account might take from your shopping spree.

I think we're all on the same page.

I'm going to introduce my personal "Holy Trinity" of go-to clothing stores that are going to save you next time you're looking to boost your style game. We're tackling comfort, trends, functionality, and affordability with these three stores, and I'm gonna give you the rundown of why each one is so fitting for your situation. Lets go:

ASOS (online only)

  • Huge brand variety. ASOS carries a ton of brands, and within their own brand they have Curves, Tall, and Petites lines to fit all different shapes and sizes! This means there are styles for everybody, not just a very narrow perspective on fashion. I guarantee anyone could find a collection of things they like here.
  • Affordable. The prices at ASOS are ridiculously good. The sale section is always stocking up with things you would actually wear. They also have 2-day shipping for just $19 a year and free returns!! This changed my life - I can get exactly what I want right when I need it.
  • Great quality. Do not let the amazing prices fool you. I have never had any issues with fabrics or materials used by ASOS, you feel like a million bucks when you probably spent under $50!
  • Basics. The brand has their own packs of two or three basic pieces. This is awesome because if you find a basic tee, long sleeve, or bodysuit that you like, you can often find it in a pack. This is a lifesaver for messes at the salon. Knowing you have a backup or two of your favorite shirt will settle your woes next time you spill color all over yourself ;)


  • Simplicity. H&M is a great place to find affordable staple pieces. Forget the intense patterns and one-wear-wonders, here you'll find that one go-to t-shirt dress or that pair of black dress pants that are so comfy they might as well be sweatpants.
  • Jewelry. Whether I'm in the store or shopping online, I always head straight to the accessories at H&M. They prove that you don't need a huge, gaudy, dangly necklace to make a jewelry statement (and I think your clients will agree when they're basically getting beat up at the shampoo bowl). The accessories are perfectly sweet and charming without overdoing it, and so inexpensive!
  • Streetwear-Chic affect. I will say that H&M's style is slightly more catered to the relaxed streetwear look with trendy sweats and comfy business casual pieces. However, what better way to be comfortable and still feel like a boss on your day off? Instead of stepping out in your pajamas, try something a little more "done up" - it won't feel any less cozy, you'll just look like you have your act together.

Marshalls/T.J. Maxx

  • Designer Snags. If you don't already tear your nearest Marshalls or TJ Maxx up, you need to start. These are the best places to get clothes that would normally be way out of budget for fantastic prices! This way you know you aren't getting cheated on quality/price ratio. The range of styles and brands helps too, because you could stumble across literally anything.
  • Shoes. There are some awesome shoe brands that constantly refresh their stock here. This means comfort and quality for a reasonable price. Just the other day I bought a pair of sneakers at Marshalls for $30 - the same pair that I had almost purchased online for $115 just the day before. 
  • Overall Affordability. You could put several outfits together for under $100 here. I've never left without something that stood out to me and made my budget look good. You can always expect to find something great here for an even greater price.

So whether you're on the hunt for some style staples, a replacement fav t-shirt for the one you made a mess on, or your go-to pair of comfort shoes, I hope this little guide will be a helpful reference for mapping out your next shopping adventure. Stay tuned for more tips to come!

Happy styling! x


10 Easy Celebrity Looks to Copy
10 Celebrity winter looks that are easy to replicate.jpg

Fashion news can be a pain. While flipping through magazines or scrolling through social media, you’re likely to see some of your favorite celebs flashing their trendy new get-ups while giving off a seemingly effortless vibe. Of course we would all love to say that we just rolled out of bed this morning, swiped on some lipstick, slipped into a Gucci patchwork print silk dress, and went on our way. However, if you’re like me, you don’t have fresh-off-the-runway looks readily available for Sunday brunch (or any brunch for that matter). This can make your outfit curation feel like a nightmare.

Thankfully, every once in a while, we catch a rare glimpse of our beloved Hollywood stars donning simpler looks. By simple, I mean easy to replicate. In this slideshow, we’ll look at ten super easy, super chic outfits that we can totally build from our own closets.


  1. Celebrities are real people too, sometimes they don't want so much fuss over their outfits!
  2. Simple will always be classy, don't feel like you have to overdo things just because you've seen other people do it. 
  3. Just dress comfortably, it's the best way to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and insecurities.


Happy styling! x