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Energize your body and mind
3 shifts you can make to energize your body and mind as you work behind the chair. Using fuel to get you through a day at the salon.


Traveling the country for the last ten years teaching, attending classes, and working at hair shows, I have met some of the most incredible people!  When I slowed down this last year, working more from my hometown of Midland, Michigan, I realized how many like minded people were around me in our relatively small community!


I had the pleasure of sitting down with fellow beauty and wellness guru, Alana Jane!  She owns many businesses, her brick and mortars, Beauty studio Aura and Wellness center Onyx.  Then she has her online empire starting with her amazing instagram filled with gorgeous vegan health food, @beautifruitful and her community Feed your glow, where she shares tips on how to heal your body through food...and she has a beauty sleep podcast that will send you into a perfect trancy slumber!  You have got to go check out all of this magical content!



Alana is a former hairdresser who found her passion through inner beauty, wellness, and something we all :)  She found that the pressures of being a hairdresser and trying to play the role of who she thought she “should be” caused her symptoms of anxiety and depression.  She questioned her path and turned to food for healing her physical and internal self.

Alana says, “Food became an integral piece in my healing.  I realized that when I eat this = anxiety. When I eat this = I feel better.”  If you follow along on her instagram @beautifruitful you will see that this love affair with nourishing fruits and veggies is the best #foodporn ever!

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.20.53 AM.png



The first thing Alana did in becoming aware of what was causing these issues was to quit eating sugar and replaced it with more high vibe foods such as fruits and vegetables.  As she started swapping things out she realized that the foods she was fueling her body with started to relieve the anxiety in her mind and initiated a more peaceful world around her.



Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.21.15 AM.png

Although she eats a vegan diet and that is what works for her current state, she believes that everyone has different needs.  She says, “You can still be connected and empowered while eating animal products. Just try different things and see what works best for you.”



We all know it’s a go go go life while we are working behind the chair and we sometimes form habits of what we reach for to keep us going throughout the day ( I myself have been working through a coffee reliance for years, especially after kids!  I’m using some of Alana’s helpful tips!!) Often a large coffee, a soda, fast food, or maybe even sweets to keep the energy up are common. The problem with this is we can crash, feel more tired because of the heaviness of the food, or not eat enough and feel fatigued.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 11.21.30 AM.png


I asked Alana what are 3 shifts we can make to fuel our bodies and our minds.


  1. Instead of focusing on changing things in our diet, look at it as swapping things out.  Being mindful of caffeine can make a huge impact on the way we feel and how we can sustain throughout the day!  We need internal energy (fueling our minds) just as much as the stimulation of physical energy. Bring mindfulness to cleaner energy sources to help you be in a peak state.  Instead of drinking coffee or espresso try these swaps:

-Green Tea

*Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body.

*Compounds in green tea can improve your brain function a.k.a. Make you more smarter :)  There is caffeine, just not as much as coffee, but there is enough to produce a response without the jitters.

-Yerbe Mate

*Lots of caffeine, less side effects, more nutrients.

*Smooth increase of energy

*So many vitamins like: A, B1, C, E, calcium, iron, magnesium, and many more!  

2. Snacks are essential, not mindless.  Shift your mind from eating a full out meal at work to small energizing bites.  Alana says to mix a fruit source with a green and that will give you the most sustainable energy. These are some of the best “fast foods” to fuel your mind and body!


*Loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber

*Great for muscle development (yay we can get fit while doing that blow out!)

*Can boost your energy levels within a half an hour of consumption.  


*Lowers inflammation, we all could use this standing all day long!

*Aids in weight loss, YAY!  Low in calories, high on electrolytes, antioxidants, potassium, B&C vitamins.

*Cures bloating and improves digestion


*Rich in potassium--This helps muscles to contract and nerve cells to respond,’ll be a ninja hairdresser.

*They give you a feeling of fullness very quickly!


*Try a fruit mixed with spinach or spirulina.   The glucose and sodium are good for adrenal support and sustainable energy.  You want to keep your adrenaline stable because that can create anxiety. This means choose some of these power boosting foods instead of that extra double shot espresso!

3. Reframing our relationship to food.  Think about fueling yourself instead of feeding yourself.  When we are trying to be in a peak state of performance at work we want to keep our focus on our tasks at hand instead of our minds drifting toward indulging in meals.  Think to yourself, “Am I giving myself optimal fuel?” A great way to avoid feeling like you are depriving yourself of the luxury of delicious indulgence is this simple trick!  At night eat a meal amazingly yummy. Think of it as a reward. Something hearty and indulgent.


During the day = food for fuel

Evening meal = food for a reward


Keep this in mind: we are all on a journey!  Don’t judge yourself too harshly as you start to shift your habits into new healthy routines.  Go slow, and give yourself grace!


For more tips on healthy eating and lifestyle follow Alana at @beautifruitful on instagram and her blog A beautiful glow.

If you like this new way of thinking I have a huge treat for you!!  This fall for my Conscious haircolor tour I will have my dear friend and NYC private chef, Julia Chebotar, along with me to every location!  She will be creating healthy treats for us to sustain our energy throughout the day, give us tips on what we should eat and why!

**If you’re interested in the 2 day wellness and hair workshop at my salon in November, she will be dishing out her secrets there as well on a deeper level :)

Drop me some comments on the blog and let me know what you think!  Have a beautiful day friends!

Hair education for the modern hairdresser
hair education.png

This last year I spent more money on education than I ever have before...and it was finally worth it!  In the past I have felt lackluster about hair shows and events, but certain peeps in our industry are really stepping up the game!  Hairdressers are caring more about intimacy, connection, and networking.  There certainly are some brands delivering just what we are craving!

Here are three things to consider when choosing which classes, events, or shows you are going to attend.

  1. Community.  I think we are all searching for this in some way.  That sense of belonging and being around like minded individuals.  When you are at an event or a show you want to feel connected and understood.  Does the event offer elements of the values that you hold?  If so, you'll probably find your tribe there! 

  2. Value.  When we are handing over our money, sacrificing our time, and being away from our businesses we want to make sure that what we are investing in is worth it to us.  Is the time and energy being put in giving you an ROI?  Take the return of money off the table, and do you think you will feel fulfilled and/or empowered from your experience?

  3. Opportunity. You want to gain momentum from your trip.  Go back to the salon and really plug in what you learned.  Make sure you will have a chance to network and make some connections that will be beneficial to you or your career path.  Are you in the right place for what outcomes you are trying to achieve?

My top picks and what to look out for


1. Eufora VisionQuest 

Hosted at the stunning Omni La Costa resort in Southern California, this event was a game changer!  Eufora brought out the big guns when it comes to influence in health, business, and wellness.  Speakers like Vishen Lakhiani, Kindra Hall, and one of Oprah and Dr. Oz's favorites, Kimberly Snyder.  These inspirational gurus gave keynotes on main stage and to get even more intimate you could sign up for a breakout session.  There were 15 more breakout session throughout the two days where you could indulge mind, body, spirit, and some hair business.

This was a solid 100 in my book!  Check out this video to see the highlight reel, and what some of the attendees were inspired by.



2) Bayou St. Blonde

One word: HAIRCATION!  The Left Brain Group sure knows how to throw a good ol' southern soirée in the heart of New Orleans.  This action packed event was full of hair...lots of hair, photography, runways, secret locations, open bars, and lots of networking opportunities.  

They keep this super unique event very intimate by limiting the attendance to under 200 hairdressers.  If you're into hanging out and meeting new people while you kick back with bubbly to watch some of the most incredible, couture...and dare I say underground hairdressers unleash the passion of their craft, don't miss out for 2019!  Did I mention that it's all independent educators, how cool is that!!


Check out these pics from the event



3) Behind the Chair Show

Do you like high energy?  What about lots of colorful hair?  Celebrity hairdresser's insight?  How about meeting some of the coolest people in the industry?  Just about every person you "double tap" on Insta is at this event!  You will find yourself referring to people by their @ handle by the time you hug each other goodbye.

I have been to the BTC show 2 times now and although it's not quite like my other two choices, which were pretty low-key vibes, this one has got so much energy to offer.  Remember my #1 suggestion for picking where to spend your cash money--community.  This 3 day event definitely has that to offer. 

This last August when I attended, I went completely on my own as a curls finalist.  I got invited to the VIP cocktail party...where I knew ZERO people in "real life", only from the gram.  I have to admit, I was pretty intimidated walking in that room...with all the "Insta famous" people surrounding me.  

The cool thing about it...I didn't run away, LOL, I stayed and got introduced to some of the most amazing humans I have ever met that were in my same boat.  Guess where they are now, KILL-ING-IT.  I don't know what kind of sparks flew that weekend, but we all formed some mega bonds and some fires were LIT.  I'm forever grateful for that opportunity and if you feel like going in blind to "find your tribe" do it, you won't regret it.

P.S. tickets are on sale now, and you can buy them here!




Cool stuff coming up!

ember retreat.jpg


Creator of OH-HOT-GRAM, Jamie Dana, and her business partner Piper DeYoung launched their hair business exclusive retreat in February.  Here is what they have to say about this GORGEOUS event with some heavy hitter speakers!  

Are you ready to take your business to the next level all while hanging out with other boss babes in the beauty community? Then you have come to the right place! Ember Retreat was designed for people like you! Plan on diving deep into your business by hearing from some of the most influential people in the beauty industry and hear their stories of how they tried, failed, and learned some of their most valuable lessons that gave them the success they have today. Be ready to connect with other amazing entrepreneurs in the beauty industry and connect with each others to create life-long friendships. Lastly, show up ready to get your relax on! This retreat is unlike any other because not only are you going to get to learn and grow your business, but you get to do it while you're on vacation with a bunch of other rad gals!

This up and coming event dedicated to the business side of things definitely checks all 3 of my boxes!  The coolest part, they have the most INCREDIBLE taste in location, design, flow, and curation.  All of the pictures look delectable, sign me up!!!  They will be announcing dates, locations, and all the goodies very soon, so sign up for their waitlist to get all the deets!  Click here to get more info. or visit their Instagram page @ember_retreat 


There are so many more I could add to this list, but I hope it gets you pumped to join a unique industry event this year!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  Like this article?  Share the love with your friends!

Peace and love,



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Simple volume ponytail

Number one complaint from most women?  "My hair is so FLAT."  We are mos def not in the 80's with big permed hair and bleached out tips...however, texture is making it's comeback!  Gone are the days of straightening each strand of hair into a perfectly pressed coif.  The age of wild, free, and sexy hair is back in a big way.  Hallelujah!  

I've been working with most of my guests for a few years now, walking them through the emotional turmoil of setting the flat iron down, and learning how to twirl a curling iron...and I must say, they are getting damn good at it!  How do I know?  Their stories of country club soirees and business dinners where they have curled their own beautifully balayaged and contoured hair themselves...and have received rave reviews!  Now tell me, what in the world is better than having a compliment about your hair?  Nope, there isn't anything.

So, my hair trend setters, let's pick the flat iron back up, and give it a go with volume and texture!  

Try these quick steps to getting a new look for a party, running errands, or date night.  **Pro tip** Do the waving technique day 1, spritz some dry shampoo in it for day 2 and construct this  easy bubble ponytail.  

Let the compliments fly!! You're welcome. :)

bubble ponytail.JPG

1.  Protect that gorgeous hair!  I like to use Illuminate shine spray from Eufora International. Especially on darker hair.  It makes the hair so shiny and manageable to use an oil spray.

2&3.  Turn the iron at a 90 degree angle and pull up for one second ( a Mississippi second) then the opposite way at a 90 degree angle (same time).  Make sure to keep the iron moving.  Keep the iron set at about 350 degrees- 375 degrees depending on your hair's needs.

4. This is what a finished wave looks like.  You can brush it out or pull your fingers through it when it's all finished....BUT, let it cool first!  If you brush it out too soon and it's still warm, you will ruin all the art you just created! Let it cool.

5.  Mist a setting hair spray on the strands of this top section.  I used Eufora International, Elevate.  It's a great thermal protectant and will give your waves some long lasting hold.  We want this top to stay flexible,  yet have a nice grip.

6&7,  Use the same waving back and forth technique to add volume and texture to the coif.

8.  Use your fingers as a rake to lift up the set waves and mist on hair spray to start molding it into shape.

9.  Secure the top section with a clear elastic band.

10.  Just above the occipital bone, take a few inch section of hair and tie the top ponytail to it.

11.  Pull out the hair from the pony tails with your fingers to create volume.

12.  The final shape.  Mist with hairspray to complete the look!.


For more on this outfit  click here  for the style blog!

For more on this outfit click here for the style blog!

Share with your best girl friends to let them in on the next best thing to look chic and sexy.




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Update your basic bun

The bun is our little black dress of hairstyling.  It can be dressed up or dressed down.  Here are two different step by step looks that you can easily try!  Use parts of them to put together your own unique look, or copy the exact step by step!  Have fun with it and tag me on Instagram with your results! 


Accessory Update


The Undone Bun

bun tutorial 2.png


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We all have those days where we just want to be a little hidden.  Our face is just not feelin' like being front and center.  I totally feel like this at least once a week--that's "hat day".

Even though my husband makes fun of me and calls me things like "Carmen San Diego and Indiana Jones", I know he secretly digs it 😉 Guys have hat days all the time!  Most just don't have to deal with the floppy hair hanging out of it.  They use it as a hair cover for when they need a fresh cut, not an accessory.  

We should embrace our beautifully balayaged tresses and use the hat as a statement.  I came up with these two simple looks for you to try with your hat.  I hope you feel sexy, fresh, and look like you spent a lot of time primping :)  



Check out these step-by-steps and watch the videos to practice ✌🏽

Gary Rodriguez (1).jpg











Gary Rodriguez.jpg












Check out this other quick & simple look for some lazy waves :). If you like these and want more, please share and leave me some comments!

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This is my favorite hat. ❤️ It's super old, nice and broken in.  I think it's a type of Panama hat.  A bowler hat, wide brim, or fedora are great choices for this look as well.  You can find great ones on  ASOS  and  Urban Outfitters  

This is my favorite hat. ❤️ It's super old, nice and broken in.  I think it's a type of Panama hat.  A bowler hat, wide brim, or fedora are great choices for this look as well.  You can find great ones on ASOS and Urban Outfitters 

HairKelli MasonComment

I'm a hairdresser, however, my style is no fuss.  Between dropping kids off at school, maintaining a household, operating a salon, and creating content for total world domination...who has time to spend an hour on hair?  I love to have that extra hour to meditate, yoga, enjoy coffee, and kiss my babies all over their cute faces in the morning all while still looking FAB. 

I've got lots of tips on how to create go-to styles if you're a woman on the go and still want to look like a rockstar....and enjoy that extra time living the life you love :) Here is one of my favorites for everyday wear!


Rocker babe waves:

1.  Blow dry hair upside down with your fingers to maintain your natural texture. (don't smooth it out too much) Prior to drying, mist in a leave in conditioner and/or heat protectant.  This will help to give you a clean palate to work with and save your strands from heat damage. I love the Beautifying Elixirs Leave-in Treatment by Eufora International - it's super light and great for any hair type, serves as both a protectant and leave in it smells so fresh and clean!

2.  With a 3 barrel iron crimp random sections of the hair from roots to ends. Do this rather gently instead of squeezing it so tightly... This will give a much softer wave and blend in better with the straighter pieces.

3.  Once you have finished crimping, use a brush or your fingers to really rake out the set. Brush the hair quite a lot (you don't want to be lookin' 90's crimper hair) we are going for subtle and sexy! For the final touch mist the hair with a flexible hairspray. I'm into Eufora's Tame's anti-humidity and a velvety texture. Hold the can about 12 inches away from your hair so it mists evenly all over, not in an isolated area (that gets sticky and no bueno).  Scrunch your hair up with your hands to mess it up and create a lived in feel.


Check out this video to see how it's done...try it out and tag me on Instagram!

Check out my Instagram page for more tips, tricks, and feel good stuff :)

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