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It’s going to be an amazing day at the salon!  You listened to your fav song on repeat while dancing around the house, you've got your best outfit on...the one that makes you feel like superwoman, you grab your coffee and jet off to the salon to start your day.  You spend the morning laughing and creating beautifully coiffed styles for your clients. Everything is going great! You are feeling fulfilled and unstoppable! Oh yeah, you’re owning this day.


Then it happens.


Your 12pm client is running fifteen minutes behind and she comes in flustered and talking about all of the reasons why she is late.  By the looks of it, her morning didn’t run as smoothly as yours...oh and she wants to go from her face framing balayage to a Lady Gaga inspired blonde for her “summer look”.  She also says she needs to be out of here by two to pick her kids up from daycare. You’re now another 15 minutes into the already late started appointment.


Yep, ok...this is possible....I can do it.---Insert inner dialogue--- “There is no way in hell that will ever happen!  What do you think I have super powers? Omg, what am I going to do? Oh, great, I just wasted another five minutes, I’m never going to be able to do this!”


While your head is spinning, you realize you are double booked.  




Your 12:45 double booked client is early and staring you down from the waiting room...you can feel the laser beams piercing your scrambled mind as you are just now beginning your first (late) client--and it all starts to go downhill from here.  All you can think of is everything going wrong and you are totally stuck in that mindset.




Now, I know that this is an extreme version of our bad day, but if we are honest at some level this has been our reality!  It can go from easy breezy to flying off the rails in 2.5 seconds. And let's be real, sometimes things are just out of our control physically. How can we stay calm when everything around us seems to be falling apart?


Instead of allowing the circumstances to control our mood and whack us out of our center, here are three simple tricks I have used to help me stay on track, handle difficult situations, and stay calm while I figure out solutions.


  1. Breathe

This may sound simple, but it’s the most important thing to do when we are under pressure, our heart is racing, and we are starting to panic.  Breathe. Take a deep breath in through your nose and out through your nose. If you have a few moments to step outside or in the back room use my quick meditation to relieve anxiety.  


Breath in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold it for 7 seconds, and release out the nose for 8 seconds. Do this a few times until you feel calm.


Here is a link to my modern hairdresser meditation album.  I walk you through this technique and several others that are sure to help. 


When we are in a state of panic, it’s very difficult to come up with solutions. Our mind is like a library of information and its flipping through every book all at once when we attach a negative experience to an emotion.  Bringing attention to our breath slows down the mind and allows us to find our center. This is a great first step in any instance where you want to crawl in a cave and hide. You will feel more clear and onto calling the shots like a boss from a clear, calm, and confident state.


     2. Honesty  


We have got to re-learn how to take our power back as professionals.  The most valuable thing I have learned on my journey as a hairdresser and just as a human being is to always deliver my point of view through a centered state.  Do step one first so that you don’t come across as harsh or unkind, especially when we may have to tell our client something they don't want to hear.  We want to come from a place of confidence and caring, not reaction.  


Many times clients will feel the need to "tell us" what they want/need instead of surrendering to our professionalism.  This isn't because they are a bad client or a bad person, it's from their conditioning of past experiences...whether in their personal life or a bad outcome when they sat in someone else's chair.  If we aren't confident in ourselves we may get caught in the trap of getting caught in this flow.   The misled thoughts of, "the client knows best and I must please them by doing exactly what they say so that they are happy and will come back." 


This is a huge problem.  The minute we lose or power is the minute we start operating in this manner.  It will lead to stress, miscommunication, probably re-do's, and, well...I think you know how this goes..."It's too brassy.  This isn't what I said.  I wanted it lighter.  This cut isn't anything like I described it.  I want my money back."  and so on and so on...


What we must do instead is listen, repeat back, evaluate, and make our professional recommendations confidently and with no judgement to the client and their old pattern of communicating with a hairdresser.


If you immediately start spouting off your truth while you are still in an anxious space, this will make the other person, whether it is a client, coworker, or boss, feel defensive.  Get clear on what it is you need to say so that you can stay on course and give professional guidance.


3.  Refocus


 Where your focus goes energy flows.  If you are focusing on all of the things that may go wrong, you will feel stress and resistance.  The best thing we can do is give attention to the positives. When you feel yourself feeding into a negative plot line instead of judging yourself for going down this path pause and refocus. Switch the script in your mind using a mantra.  A mantra is a simple statement that when repeated over and over again reprograms your mind to follow that belief you want instead of the negative one that was created.  


Here are a few to help you refocus:

-I am in charge of how I feel today, I choose happiness

-I accept and allow success to flow today

-I attract positive outcomes

-I am full of inner peace

-I radiate love and understanding

-I trust my inner vision to make decisions


Next time you feel the surge of uncertainty, just remember: You hold all of the power, you are unstoppable, you are in control of your destiny, and you are amazing! 


If you like this and want to come visit me in a hands on workshop here is my Fall Conscious Haircoloring Tour list!  I’d love to see you in person and expand our minds together :) Take a peek at the 2 day master class if you're a hairdresser interested in immersing in health, wellness, business, and hair with 15 other like minded hairdressers ready to grow!


Want more now?  Check out my meditation album for the modern hairdresser.  Four guided meditations with music, including the breathing technique for anxiety I mentioned in this blog.  You can download and take with you anywhere!  Watch the magic of your unfold as you find yourself with more clarity, attracting abundance, and eliminating stress from your life.





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