And then she was a butterfly...

“When she transformed into a butterfly, the caterpillars spoke not of her beauty, but of her weirdness.  They wanted her to change back into what she always had been. But she had wings.”
-Dean Jackson



If you are in a difficult place in your life that doesn’t feel true to who you are, the only way out  is to make a change -- any other path is likely to result in unhappiness. Continuing to remain in a place mentally or physically that doesn’t serve you, means it will continue to not serve you, over and over again.


The only way to rid yourself of this heavy weight is doing something even more challenging --  stepping into transformation.


Transformation is like change on steroids.  


It’s not a little tweak, it’s full on overhaul. It’s an evaluation of yourself and your surroundings and then relentlessly moving in the opposite direction of your old habits and patterns.


You’re probably thinking this sounds like a fun, scary, exciting, or difficult opportunity, huh?  


That’s cool, and it will be all of those things. I will also help you along the way and give you some other tools to rely on when you get stuck. If you’re already making excuses as to why you think this couldn’t happen for you because of your particular life situations...I got you.


When you’re done here go ahead and read the Excuses are like... blog post and when you are really ready to take the leap, go ahead and start planning out your future lifestyle with the guidance of the 4 essentials to living your dream life.


I believe that our inner dialogue dictates so much of what happens in the outside world -- AKA, our life. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I became very aware of this phenomenon and how it had been playing out in my life. I noticed that when I truly set my intention on something, believed in it wholeheartedly, and stopped obsessing over it -- it would happen.


In addition to the amazing things you may manifest into your life, if your inner dialogue gets bogged down with negative thoughts toward yourself or others, that is what will play out in your reality.


Let’s run through an example: Your coworker is driving you crazy because they never clean up after themselves, always show up late and give no apologies for their behavior. This makes you insane on the inside because you just can’t believe that they would disrespect their workspace and the client’s time like this. In your mind, you are judging them, calling them lazy and disrespectful. You don’t like working with them (insert inner third eye roll) and they are under your skin...and could care less or unaware.  


While they continue on, you can’t let go of all the ridiculous things they are doing and that’s all you can focus on. You start feeling stressed out and annoyed. Now you are hitting every stop light on the way home from work, your gas light just went on, you forgot to get groceries, and you get home to what looks like the aftermath of a hurricane. You’ve had enough and you are reacting to everyone in your house by yelling and now you have a headache.  Are you relating yet?


We give so much of our personal energy away when we focus on the negative. When the internal dialogue is playing out this drama and frustration it will appear in all aspects of your life.  That is the law of attraction happening folks.


To truly rid yourself of this takes practice and strength. Being brave enough to take a look at what you’re saying to yourself through your inner dialogue is the first step! Congrats! Now that I’ve got your attention and you are listening to that dialogue, say something nice to the inner you :)   You are perfect just the way you are, wherever you are now, wherever you have been, and where you will be.  Be kind and gentle to your past, present, and future self.


To keep this trend going in your life, here are three things that I have found that helped me transform from getting caught up in drama to living a life that has limitless possibilities and an abundance of happiness.


1.  Grace.  Give it to yourself, and give it often. Be gentle to yourself in this growth process and you’ll start to become aware of what is really going on beneath the surface. Assessing the inner dialogue, you’ll find some of the things you think about yourself and others will make you want to judge yourself. Know that you are not alone in this. This is a brave act and not everyone is ready to look at themselves. As you uncover things that you don’t like, and want to change, just acknowledge the thoughts and choices, forgive them and let them go. They are gone and you don’t have to feel guilt. We don’t have time to wallow in the past, so let’s move forward into a beautiful place.


2.  Acceptance.  Believe that you are deserving of all of the good things that are about to come your way. You are doing the work on yourself and must be ready to receive the amazing feelings and experiences that will happen as a result. Also know that with this change others will judge you and there will be haters. People who knew the old you will be uncomfortable for a time. Accept that this is not because of you. It is them, and with time, maybe they will be inspired to make the same leap into chane. Don’t halt your transformation because of others insecurities. Just give them tip #1...grace :)


3.  Visualize.  Now that you have gained some awareness, we need to move, move, move forward. Who do you want to become?  Where do you want to go? What does that life look like? Be clear on what this looks like and feels like. You can use my manifest your dream life workbook to help you get started.  I have a few words that are related to how I want to feel. I remind myself of them all the time.  Write them on sticky notes, repeat them in your journal, meditate on them, they are sacred. Everything you do should be working toward the goal of that feeling, so if it’s not serving you, go the opposite direction.


You’ve got this, you deserve this.  :)


Peace & love,



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