Finding inspiration for work outfits can be hard, especially when you're trying to put something together that's both stylish and practical for the salon. Sometimes the answers to our style woes are actually very simple, we just need to get some outside advice. In this guide, I'll give you four super simple tips to looking effortlessly chic - even on days when you just want to roll out of bed and show up. *Side note: It's actually really easy to be cute without trying too hard!

1. Less = More

I know I say this a lot, but it's true! Sometimes sticking to the basics for a few days can help you recharge and look extra fresh. A simple tee with jeans (both can be black!) and maybe a dainty little necklace can actually go a long way. You're hair can be messy-casual or done up - whatever you're feeling! The point is, you don't need to overdo the look just because you think it will make you look more put together. It's better to look simple and fresh than to go overboard and have multiple wardrobe malfunctions. Also, sometimes clients like to see that you're going with a simpler look because it shows that you're making the appointment more about them and less about constantly fixing you're detailed look - it's a confidence move!

2. Find a more functional "dupe" for your non-functional pieces.

In other words, the bell sleeve top could be replaced with a fitted blazer, the stack of bangle bracelets can be set aside for a daintier chain, the almost-too-tight skinnies for a slim-legged jean - you get the point! The idea here is that you look more effortlessly stylish when you look comfortable. They say that "pretty hurts", but that's not always the case. You can looks ultra-cool just by dressing in ways that make you look like you've been doing this for years and you just can't be bothered with all this extra pizzazz. By solving your daily malfunctions instead of ignoring and repeating them, you can eliminate the issues altogether!

3. Make unlikely pairings

Sometimes switching things up and going against the norm is the best way to trick everyone into thinking you're a real fashionista. Some examples would be cute sneakers with a nice dress, wide-legged pants or mens trousers with a lacy top, or a boxy tee with a long skirt. The possibilities are endless! However, keep in mind that if you're going to make a bold move, then let it speak for itself. You don't need to be extra with the whole outfit, let the rest be simple and fresh. This tip might not be for everyone! Look at your environment, your clientele, and your personal style, then decide if you're ready to be a little daring.

4. Belt it, stud it, tie it, etc.

Tiny accessory touches like belts and scarfs can make a piece look instantly more involved (while still looking effortless and comfortable). Sometimes I like to take some of my belts and wrap them around my waist if I'm wearing a longer shirt. Obviously the belt doesn't have to be super tight, but if you're wearing a looser shirt, then it can give your waist some definition and transform the shirt into something new. You can buckle the belt or just tie it for a super chic look! I also like to take little stud earrings and put them on the collars of my blouses sometimes - It's the sweet little details that can make a difference! Don't be afraid to experiment without fussing over it too much. 

Remember, the point is to look effortlessly chic, so try not to overthink your look too much. Hopefully this helps for the new season as you try to freshen up some looks! 

Happy styling! x 


StyleKelli Mason