You could have the best clients, the best products, the best color techniques, and the best attitude, but let's face it: If your feet are killing you all day, you are not going to be feeling like the star that you are.

If you wanna own it, you have to show up, and this doesn't always mean rocking insanely cute shoes. Today is all about comfort. Because why bother will all of the awesome stuff if you're going to hate yourself for punishing your feet all day? You could give it up and accept the fact that discomfort is just too big a demon to waste time trying to solve, or we could check out some ways around the issue. 

I'm going to show you my favorite shoe forms that combine comfort and style, and give you a flowchart for those mornings when you need a reminder to take care of yourself. Let's go.

My Favorites:

Adidas Originals: SuperstarsOr the Stan Smiths, or the Sambas... Find a pair of trainers that works for you and I promise you will not regret it. The leather is soft, but durable; the soles are so so comfortable, you can slip them on and off, and they're just overall a classic shoe. Maybe I'm basic but I throw these on with anything and everything, and they last forever!

The Block Heel.  Of course the range here is a very large, but remember, good quality is going to be more comfortable and last longer. I love block heels because there's no balancing act involved and they offer great support. Plus you get the cute clicking sound and a touch of elegance. To see some of my other favorites, click here, here, and here.

Hunter: Women's Original Chelsea BootsRain or shine, I don't really care. I wear these little booties around the salon all the time. They have great support, they're spill-proof and waterproof, and they keep all the hair out, so what more could you want?

Birkenstock: Bartlett. Now hold up, before you get all freaked out by the brand name, understand that these are actually sneakers, not sandals. Birkenstock is known for their comfortable sole design that morphs to the shape of your foot. These sneakers may look like your classic Converse, but they actually have way better support. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

The Flowchart

Now this is a quick little tool for you to remind yourself that comfort is always your best friend, and that you should respect it from the start of your day instead of wishing you would have later. Oh, and if you find yourself in the Need New Shoes situation, I suggest just clicking through the "My Favorites" list and perusing the websites. You know what you're looking for, no need to suffer any longer! Everyone's feet are different, you never know what you'll find that works for you.

Happy styling! x


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