You don't have to be an artist to hit a creative block.

Creative blocks can happen at the salon, when you're in the kitchen trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, when you're taking the same commute every day, and especially in your wardrobe. When it hits, and you're overcome with a sudden wave of distaste for your routines, you look for things to blame. You start to think that the only ways you could solve your issues would involve moving away or wiping and replacing your wardrobe or just going out to eat instead of coming up with something to make. But these are not rational solutions, and if you spend your life constantly avoiding issues and annoyances rather than tackling them head on, I can guarantee you will never be satisfied with the outcome. 

I've always been a firm believer in the saying that goes something like "If you can't change something/someone, then change the way you deal with it/them." It might sound too simple, or like one of those phrases that can only be applied to certain situations, but honestly, you can even apply the phrase to the idea itself! What I'm trying to say is that grand and dramatic changes aren't always necessary for problem solving. Sometimes you just need to face things with a different mindset. Look at the situation from another angle, even if it's out of your comfort zone.

So why is this post in the Style section this week? Well, let's talk about your wardrobe and what we discussed last weekYou have this idea in mind of how you see yourself at your full style potential. In this vision, you're rocking pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident, you've got effortless outfits lined up, and you trust in yourself to shop responsibly, picking things that fit your lifestyle and your personal preferences. Sounds great, right? So what's going on now, why aren't you already living this seemingly perfect style dream? The answer doesn't have to do with your budget, where you live, or  any other outside factor that you would like to place all the blame on. The real answer comes from how your choosing to act on what's in front of you - that's the only thing you truly have control over! Hear me out.

You can't be a perfect human, but thankfully you can be a very adaptable human, which is actually super close to being perfect. If you can train yourself to adapt to your resources and environment without hating on the things that are out of your control, then you'll have the world by the booty. This does not mean settling for things that you know are beneath you and your abilities. What I'm saying is yes, adapt and make do with what you have, but if you know that you're capable with going the extra mile, then just do it. 

You can relate this to your wardrobe in many ways. Instead of kicking yourself over the fact that you've accumulated a collection of clothes that you're becoming unhappy with, or you still feel like you don't have what you really want, find a way to make these things work. You can start by not comparing yourself to other people who you see as having better style than you. Guess what, trying to line yourself up for a style competition with someone else is never going to work. This is because style revolves around one beautiful idea: Individuality. 

It's not about looking just like your favorite models and celebrities. It's not about working so hard just to buy some expensive designer bag just because it's so in right now. It's not about being as fill-in-the-blank as you can just to get a certain reaction from people. Your style is about you, so make it that way! Be unique, don't tell yourself that there is a specific style name out there that you have to conform to. If you don't like your current style, do something about it - But be aware of how you got to that point in the first place. Maybe getting to your dream style doesn't involve shopping at all, it just means falling in love with what you have all over again. Look for reasons to love each and every one of your pieces and flaunt them! An attitude change can turn your entire look around. There are few things more intriguing than a positively confident person!!

I know there was no easy "how to" tutorial in this post or helpful step-by-step of how to reclaim your love for individual style. However, I challenge you to reevaluate your daily lifestyle, especially from a personal style viewpoint. The biggest lesson you can take from this is that inner confidence and a willingness to put hard work and a positive attitude before your urge to blame factors like your wardrobe for your unhappiness will take you to outstanding heights. Celebrate your individuality every single day - and don't let routines and patterns drag you into thinking that life has set grids for you to fit into. Do your own thing, do it well, wear what feels right, and watch the world adapt to you. 

Happy styling! x


StyleKelli Mason