Black clothes are a blessing. Black is really the only color you can wear head to toe and get away with it pretty much every time (and we do not take this for granted!!). In the salon, it's totally comfortable and safe to wear all black everyday without feeling like you're lacking color or giving up on style.

But what about when you step out of the salon? Sure, maybe you don't have time to go home and put together some rainbow combination of pieces (and you probably wouldn't want to anyway), but wouldn't it be nice to throw something on - maybe just a dash of color - to continue with your day? Something to brighten up and make you feel a little less monotone? 

If you're like me, and super indecisive, then you probably know what it's like to change your outfit about six times in a row and still be unhappy with it. All black is like a safe haven for knowing I'll still look put together and at least under-the-radar. The great thing about fashion is that it comes in a huge range of pieces and detail. What I'm trying to say is that you can still wear all black, but mix and match the other details when necessary. Here's how:

Denim Jacket

- My personal favorite thing in my closet (some say I have too many, I say there's no limit). Find me something that you can't pair a denim jacket with. I leave one in my car and throw it on whenever I think I need something extra. Dresses, t-shirts, blouses, button-downs, chunky sweaters, even more denim - all of these qualify as denim jacket partners. And if it's not jacket weather, you can always tie it around your waist! 


- I've definitely mentioned my love for a good ascot in another blog or maybe a few. Ascots are wonderful because they're wearable all year 'round and they can go on your neck, in your hair, on a bag, or even on your wrist. Scarves another great way to throw in some color, especially because of all the different ways you can wear them! I like a scarf for the warmth and loose, effortless vibe that they give. You can wear them on your neck of course, or I have a few that i like to drape around for a cape/poncho look. 

Printed Shoes

- Reason number 2937546 why black is great: it goes with anything. Things like leopard print and snakeskin are some of my favorite shoes to pair with black jeans or slacks, and I never have to worry about it looking too bold! If you have a killer pair of shoes, it's so rewarding to wear them with black. The shoes will speak for themselves, people will notice the statement, and you'll feel like your dark ensemble has a purpose.

Statement Necklaces

So maybe it would be safer to only try this one outside of the salon to avoid clunking your clients in the head, getting cords and styling tools caught, etc etc. But the good thing about this kind of piece is that you can easily throw it in your bag and slip it on after work for a night/day out! As I mentioned before, if you're going to wear all black, then you might as well use it as an opportunity to show off something you really love! The black will make a great accessory stand out and hold the spotlight, so don't be shy with your jewelry.

Statement Earrings

- Earrings should never be downplayed. When I'm having a bad hair day (which sadly, could be multiple times a week), I don't sweat it! This is thanks to my go-to pair of hoops that I know will distract from the frizzy little bun that I have to settle with for the day. This works for more than just bad hair days, though. When someone looks at you and sees a great pair of earrings, they're going to remember that - and it won't matter what you're outfit was. Find some earrings that complement your personal style and let them stand out.

Long Cardigan

- Rainy days, windy days, overcast days, whatever - let the oversized cardigan, a cousin of the classic denim jacket, be another saving grace when it's time to distract from the all-black getup. There are hundreds of styles, textures, fabrics, prints, and colors to choose from, and if you find one that you really love, you'll probably never let it go. The great thing about oversized cardigans is that they can totally take over your outfit. So if you're totally over the all blackout look today, then you can transform it without undressing at all! Slip your arms into your cardigan and voila - a new look.

Hopefully these tips sparked some ideas for your next day-to-night look, or ways to freshen up after your work day is done! If this helped you, let us know! If you have any requests, leave a comment or two!!

Happy styling! x




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