Simple volume ponytail


Number one complaint from most women?  "My hair is so FLAT."  We are mos def not in the 80's with big permed hair and bleached out tips...however, texture is making it's comeback!  Gone are the days of straightening each strand of hair into a perfectly pressed coif.  The age of wild, free, and sexy hair is back in a big way.  Hallelujah!  

I've been working with most of my guests for a few years now, walking them through the emotional turmoil of setting the flat iron down, and learning how to twirl a curling iron...and I must say, they are getting damn good at it!  How do I know?  Their stories of country club soirees and business dinners where they have curled their own beautifully balayaged and contoured hair themselves...and have received rave reviews!  Now tell me, what in the world is better than having a compliment about your hair?  Nope, there isn't anything.

So, my hair trend setters, let's pick the flat iron back up, and give it a go with volume and texture!  

Try these quick steps to getting a new look for a party, running errands, or date night.  **Pro tip** Do the waving technique day 1, spritz some dry shampoo in it for day 2 and construct this  easy bubble ponytail.  

Let the compliments fly!! You're welcome. :)

bubble ponytail.JPG

1.  Protect that gorgeous hair!  I like to use Illuminate shine spray from Eufora International. Especially on darker hair.  It makes the hair so shiny and manageable to use an oil spray.

2&3.  Turn the iron at a 90 degree angle and pull up for one second ( a Mississippi second) then the opposite way at a 90 degree angle (same time).  Make sure to keep the iron moving.  Keep the iron set at about 350 degrees- 375 degrees depending on your hair's needs.

4. This is what a finished wave looks like.  You can brush it out or pull your fingers through it when it's all finished....BUT, let it cool first!  If you brush it out too soon and it's still warm, you will ruin all the art you just created! Let it cool.

5.  Mist a setting hair spray on the strands of this top section.  I used Eufora International, Elevate.  It's a great thermal protectant and will give your waves some long lasting hold.  We want this top to stay flexible,  yet have a nice grip.

6&7,  Use the same waving back and forth technique to add volume and texture to the coif.

8.  Use your fingers as a rake to lift up the set waves and mist on hair spray to start molding it into shape.

9.  Secure the top section with a clear elastic band.

10.  Just above the occipital bone, take a few inch section of hair and tie the top ponytail to it.

11.  Pull out the hair from the pony tails with your fingers to create volume.

12.  The final shape.  Mist with hairspray to complete the look!.


For more on this outfit  click here  for the style blog!

For more on this outfit click here for the style blog!

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