Excuses are like...

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A bad habit.   You thought I was going somewhere else with that, didn't you?  That's why I like you and you're here with me reading this, high five!


Excuses are just like bad habits.  No one wants to admit that they have them.  We hide them in shame.  We create reasons for them.  We hang on to them for dear life.  We rely on them to stay in our comfort zone.  Excuses and bad habits are where dreams go to die.


Why do we do this?  Why do we fill our vocabulary with BS excuses?  (And trust me I am no innocent bystander--I may be the worst of them...we will get to that later...)  Sometimes we aren't even aware that we are doing it.  It just sort of blends in with the rest of life and becomes normal.  Just check out these three common prompts.  They are all the beginnings of excuses.


I can't because...

I don't know.

If only I...


Have you heard yourself say these lately?  These things right here are where fear, complacency, self-doubt, etc. etc. love to dwell.  If you are using these in your verbiage, I bet you are struggling to achieve a goal.  I bet you are having a hard time letting something go.  Maybe you are feeling low self-esteem or experiencing depression?  


I say this not to judge, but to relate.  Until we are aware of these excuses, we cannot take ownership of them.  We cannot make the moves leading to progression and experience fulfillment.  When we are unaware of our actions our minds are ruling us.  They are OWNING us.  


My job here today is to bring you awareness. You cannot unread or unsee this...so, HA GOTCHA!  Now every time you catch yourself starting to say these excuses you will have a choice.  Will you continue down that current path, or will you choose another?


The new path might not be easy, but it may be filled with blessings.  Every twist and turn offer a chance to reflect on a lesson learned and an opportunity to earn your personal growth.  Now the question is, do you want to keep growing?  Do you want to keep exploring this path?  Challenge yourself. Every time you are about to make an excuse, FORCE yourself to say the opposite.


I can't...I don't know.If only I...-2.png


Just to give you an example of just how deep down in the pit of "I don't know" I was before becoming aware of what my excuses really meant...My husband used to habitually say, "I should get you a t-shirt that says I don't know."  YIKES.  At that time I was not ready to grow.  I was in denial and basking in my self-pity.  The “why does everything happen to me” phase.   


I'm here to tell you, you don't have to go down that road.  You can get out right now. Take the leap of faith with me and let's #dropthedont from our life.  Deep down when we say "I don't know", we really do know.  We are just afraid to dig deep enough to uncover the answer.  


It's like your friend asking what you want to eat for dinner and your response is, "I don't know."  Yes biatch, you do know.  You want those delicious tacos, the queso, and the side of chips and guac. OWN IT.  Pause long enough to allow yourself to find the answer then make a choice, even if it scary...and even if it's tacos :)

Peace, Love, and Tacos xo,



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