Simple manifesting guide: Living the life of your dreams

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After reading about my journey, I hope you feel excited that you can come out on the other side of struggle...realizing your have the power to take control of your happiness.


About five years ago, I was unhappy in my career, complacent with my decisions and I had a one year old on my hip while pregnant with child number two. I was a stylist that had bounced around to different salons seeking the dream I had in my mind. I had a vision not only of how I wanted my life to look, but how I wanted it to feel. I wanted a flexible schedule to help support and spend time with my growing family, to influence hairstylists across the world and be around others in an uplifting environment.  


Sounds simple, right?  


Well, it was...but remember when I said I never take the easy route in Take a look at yourself through your third eye?  This is one of those times! 


To take steps to pursue that dream, I decided to open a salon! The salon of my dreams that was going to go exactly how I planned...everyone was happy, excited,’s a lovely picture isn’t it?


The reality did not exactly play out that way. The first year was exciting, like the honeymoon phase. As time went on it started to fall apart. I started to resent going to work in my own business and I was miserable. There were tears every day when I came home from my salon.  I couldn’t figure out why I was so unhappy. I blamed others, I blamed my circumstance and just about everything felt out of my control. That feeling freaked me out because I felt like if I didn’t have control, I would not be successful.  It wasn’t shaping up the way I had envisioned it...not at all.


To combat this, I completely rewrote my entire business plan, started a new one and thought finally, this is it! This is how it will work. I took the advice of everyone around me that was successful, surely if they could do it, I could too.  Follow the steps, follow the path, and BOOM dream life.




I still carried stressed and was overwhelmed, feeling as though I couldn’t manage everything I wanted to do. I felt so defeated that the new plan didn’t turn out the way I hoped and that was really sad.  The way I wanted this all to LOOK wasn’t there.  


It wasn’t until I got over myself and realized there was only one thing I had control over - and that was my happiness.  I had been spending so much time comparing others success to what mine should LOOK like, and not enough time paying attention to how I felt.  I wanted to feel happy.


That is the only thing that we are completely in control of.


I had to make some very hard decisions that scared the shit out of me...but I knew it would be worth it, because I wanted happiness.  As much as I loved the people around me, I felt called to something different. 


Initially I had very little clarity as to what I wanted to do with my salon career and you may be feeling that way too.  However, I did know how I wanted to feel on the inside...and it truly all starts there.  Once you get that sorted out, the rest just starts to reveal itself.


Starting out, the only thing I was certain about was that I wanted to be a hairstylist, a teacher, own my own business, and that ultimately I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. I wanted to have an intention, not just do things aimlessly.


So a few years ago, in order to help find my path, I started reading books on self improvement and spiritual guidance which taught me numerous lessons. For the first time I got really serious about surrounding myself with people who would both help me and hold me accountable to what I said I wanted personally, professionally and spiritually.  


If this is something you are exploring, I have attached a simple guide made up of perspectives that have dramatically improved my clarity and direction in business and personal life.  If you don’t use it, it won’t work. So go ahead and fill it out and enjoy the journey!


Your Dream

This is your intent. It’s so important to set your intentions so that you can let go of the control of the journey. Throw it out there let it fly! Close your eyes and let yourself be vulnerable to how you want to feel in your life. When you feel that feeling, what are you doing? What is happening around you? What is that life like? That would be what you should consider your dream life.  

**NOTE** Everyone’s will be different so do not try to compare or judge what comes up. It could be career, personal, spiritual, family life, etc. Just see what comes to you and write it down!


Your action plan

This is your dedication. Committing yourself to your intention. Your actions speak louder than words--ever heard that? :) We need to set a few things in place that will focus on to get you closer to your true intention. This can be simple, so don’t overthink it.


Your daily mantra

I love this part! I even write my mantra on my bathroom mirror so that every day I have to read it, and it’s in lipstick so it’s cute and funny. Your mantra can be a simple sentence that helps you stay on track. It can be an “I am” statement or really anything that reminds you of your intention and the dedication you made.


What makes you happy

What is your passion? What makes you really feel good in your heart? Is it to help other people, travel, be with your kids more? Write this down and smile while you do it :)


I encourage you to have fun with this!  Start by printing off this Simple Manifesting Guide

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"So do it. Decide, is this the life you want to live?  Is this the person you want to love?  Is this the best you can be?  Can you be stronger?  Kinder?  More compassionate?  Decide.  Breathe in.  Breathe out and decide."  - M. Grey






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