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I am not a minimalist. I would love to say that I have enough self control to keep only what I need and lose the rest, but unfortunately, I still struggle to stick to the basics. Throughout the past year, I have really tried to scale down my possessions in each area of my life, and I've actually been pretty successful! It's hard at first because you want to believe that all of the things you have are there for a very specific and important reason, but in reality, a lot of those things might not be missed. 

One idea that helped me sift through everything and really focus on a specific style was the "Capsule Wardrobe" concept. Im sure you've heard of this before, or something similar, but if not then you're in the right place! 

A capsule wardrobe is basically your hand-picked collection of pieces that don't go out of style, or just classic pieces that you feel the cutest and most comfortable in! And no, having a capsule wardrobe does not mean you're restricted to just black and white, but if that's what your about then there's nothing holding you back. This is why I fell in love with the idea. It's like making a playlist of your favorite songs of all time, or keeping a recipe book of your best dishes. You don't necessarily have to commit to just this collection, but it's a small gallery of several pieces that, in a way, represent you! It also makes putting outfits together sooo much easier, and you're working with the pieces that you truly love; not just the things that you feel pressured to wear because they were on sale and you felt like you couldn't pass them up (it's fine, we have our moments).

I could give you a collage of pieces that I would keep in my capsule, but that's uniquely me, and this isn't about replicating someone else's lookbook, it's about curating your own! So instead, I've created a little guide to help you map one out from what you already have. And I'll give you a brief rundown for each header so you know how to map it :)


Pretty self-explanatory, but what you're looking for here is basically tees, simple dresses, your go-to jeans, coziest crewneck sweater, etc, etc. The things you want to wear on an everyday basis! This is going to be one of the bigger chunks of your closet -- notice I left 10 spots, but obviously you can add/take away as you wish.


The layers are my favorite part! This is where you list your denim jacket(s), cardigans, hoodies, blazers, bombers, coats, you know the drill. With both this section and the Layers section, you'll want to leave your boldest pieces out-- they're going to fall under our next category!


This section is made for exactly what you think! Things that you can't really wear every day, but really turn an outfit into a fashionable look. This could be a patchy, distressed army jacket, a buckled leather skirt, a colorful box-top, or something unique that fits your style, but would be overkill to wear all the time.


This section is blurry, but with a purpose! I called this section favorites, but really it can be whatever you need it to be. Here's the thing: I have a few pieces that I absolutely love, but sometimes its hard for me to incorporate these pieces into my daily wear. Putting them in the mix as a reminder of how much I love them helps me brainstorm different ways to work them in! Try it, you'll be pleasantly surprised when you suddenly plan the perfect outfit with these pieces.


Ahhh my favorite part! I don't wear a ton of accessories, but the few little pieces that I have are things that I have tried everything with. Trusty silk scarves, dangly earrings, simple necklaces, a set of a million rings meant to be worn all at once -- the list goes on. Sort it out, which accessories make you feel like you have your life together? Throw them on the list. 


And remember not to put so much pressure on yourself! The capsule wardrobe is meant to help you define your style, not limit it! 

Happy styling! x


StyleKelli Mason