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Time to get ready for the new year! Think of this closet re-org as your fresh start. No more reject clothes piles in front of your closet, 2018 is coming in hot. 

  1. Start from the back of your closet, or wherever you store all of those pieces that you rarely (or never) wear. This will help you separate what needs to go, what needs to be tailored, and what is good to keep. Starting back here can also inspire new outfits when combined with things you have recently added to your closet.

  2. Use the Pyramid Rule! A perfect rule to remind you of the necessities. I live by this!! (pictured to the left)

  3. Make a goal to balance your top-to-bottom ratio. For example, unless you’re a clown, you don’t need several pairs of colorful pants. Even if you are a clown, I would still recommend just sticking with red. The point is, you will naturally gravitate to a few staple pieces in your closet, so if you have too many pieces in one category, then you probably won’t wear all of them anyway, so just give them up!

  4. Do not pay attention to the size tags on your clothes. Sometimes things stretch, shrink, or just morph into a completely different shape. This is why we try things on, no need for numbers and letters. If it fits, it fits -- enough said.

  5. If it fits, but isn’t flattering, then that’s just as bad as it not fitting in the first place. At this point, it doesn’t matter how matter how much the piece cost you or how much you love the color/pattern. If you don’t feel amazing in it, then you don’t need it!

  6. Keep your style goals in mind. It’s never too late to figure out your signature style -- the perfect collection of pieces that make you feel like you’re living life at its full potential. If you find pieces that you can’t work into your ideal wardrobe, then you need to let them go. If they don't agree with your style, then you won’t miss them.

  7. Don’t just go through the motions, treat it like a work of art or a party! The goal isn’t just to purge half the things you own, the goal is to inspire new looks and come up with your fresh outfits for the year-- no spending necessary! Have a few friends over to help you out and reassure you that you definitely don’t need that sparkly pink scarf that your mom gave you in 2009. If you would rather go solo, have a dance party with yourself in the mirror! Your opinion is the only one that matters in the end anyway. Do you.

  8. Don’t get purge-happy too fast. Look, I’m all for minimizing clutter and maximizing closet space, but don’t toss or donate things right away. We can take our time! If you haven’t worn it in a while, there’s a reason -- figure it out. If a simple tailor fix can bring it back to life, then make plans to fix it now! If a piece still has tags or has only been worn once or twice, think about why you had it in the first place -- there must have been a good reason! The last thing you want is to get rid of something that you actually care about. Hunting through the secondhand store for the beloved sweater that you impulsively donated is not a good way to kick off the new year.

  9. Break the process up into multiple days. Like I mentioned in step 7, reconstructing your wardrobe is like creating art! Do you think the greatest artworks were started and completed in a day? (No, the pointillism project that you scrambled to finish in one night for your 2D art class in high school doesn’t count. You got a C+ anyway). Instead of rushing, stressing yourself out, and tossing things just to get it all done; you can just dedicate your full attention to one section. You can even set it up in your planner ahead of time if you’re that person: Tops, Bottoms, Jeans, Dresses, etc.
  10. Evaluate what you have when you're finished and make a list of key pieces that you still need. This does not mean crazy statement jackets or this season’s unique handbag. Think timeless pieces and basic items that you can wear over and over. Maybe these things will be more clear when you put your “new” wardrobe to the test! As you come up with new outfits, there might be a piece or two that you don’t have, but you keep in the back of your mind. You don’t need to purchase these things now, but hold back until you find the perfect quality and look that you imagined in the first place. Otherwise, you’re just fueling the next closet cleanse -- and we both know that’s not something you’re looking forward to.

What are you waiting for? Your closet is ready to shed some pounds!


Happy styling! x




StyleKelli Mason