I'm a hairdresser, however, my style is no fuss.  Between dropping kids off at school, maintaining a household, operating a salon, and creating content for total world domination...who has time to spend an hour on hair?  I love to have that extra hour to meditate, yoga, enjoy coffee, and kiss my babies all over their cute faces in the morning all while still looking FAB. 

I've got lots of tips on how to create go-to styles if you're a woman on the go and still want to look like a rockstar....and enjoy that extra time living the life you love :) Here is one of my favorites for everyday wear!


Rocker babe waves:

1.  Blow dry hair upside down with your fingers to maintain your natural texture. (don't smooth it out too much) Prior to drying, mist in a leave in conditioner and/or heat protectant.  This will help to give you a clean palate to work with and save your strands from heat damage. I love the Beautifying Elixirs Leave-in Treatment by Eufora International - it's super light and great for any hair type, serves as both a protectant and leave in treatment...plus it smells so fresh and clean!

2.  With a 3 barrel iron crimp random sections of the hair from roots to ends. Do this rather gently instead of squeezing it so tightly... This will give a much softer wave and blend in better with the straighter pieces.

3.  Once you have finished crimping, use a brush or your fingers to really rake out the set. Brush the hair quite a lot (you don't want to be lookin' 90's crimper hair) we are going for subtle and sexy! For the final touch mist the hair with a flexible hairspray. I'm into Eufora's Tame spray...it's anti-humidity and a velvety texture. Hold the can about 12 inches away from your hair so it mists evenly all over, not in an isolated area (that gets sticky and no bueno).  Scrunch your hair up with your hands to mess it up and create a lived in feel.


Check out this video to see how it's done...try it out and tag me on Instagram!


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