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I know it can sound exciting to hear people speak about an inspiring story of success.

It feels like you can do anything after you hear their triumph, and you are MOVED to change.

The you go home and get back to your regular routine and all of the sudden the inspiration fizzles... because you don't have a roadmap.

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I have felt that way SO. MANY. TIMES

I'm inspired, but then I come down off the high and I'm right back at square one.  After repeating this process time and time again, I was finally able to move beyond the endless cycle of inspiration without action.


I was following a system. I was following a formula.

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After some deep, float off into outerspace kind of meditation

I discovered the formula, the roadmap that I was unconsciously following to achieve my goals. I want to share this formula with you!

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 Kelli Mason is a hairdresser, educator and mindset mentor for hair stylists and salon owners.

Hair is my craft, sharing light and love is my purpose.  I have tackled just about every aspect of the hair industry.  I have been an employee, salon owner, educator, curriculum developer, leader, name it, I've done it.  

This year I have turned my salon, LUX the Salon, into an educational studio and exclusive salon. As I enter into a new chapter of my career, I'm trying things in a new way---sharing with you all the wisdom, mistakes, discoveries, and little gems I've been collecting. Everything I know from a 12 year career as a hairdresser to the many lessons I have learned through meditation and yoga.

I choose the path that pushes me beyond limits, beyond fear and beyond the familiar. The most important thing I have found is to have the awareness and courage to make choices that inspire change in life.  

Merging what experiences I have learned outside of the hair industry and a perspective from the inside, I'm on a journey to challenge the beauty industry boundaries and my own. Our dream life is ready and waiting for us, are you ready to join me?

manifest your dream life workbook by Kelli Mason

Letting go of your old way of thinking can be scary


I know that making lofty goals and holding your self accountable isn't easy. However, if you are willing to take a leap of faith and start living the life of your dreams, I'm here to help.

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My Mission:  

I believe we all have the opportunity to live the life of our dreams.  My goal is to help people peel back their layers, uncover, and connect with the light inside of them.  Through awareness and presence, we can experience life with happiness and ease.

My Vision:  

To create a shift of energy in the world that will aid in the movement of more empowered, loving, and awakened people who experience life in a way that is beyond themselves. 

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