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At this moment in time and space, I am exactly where I want to be…as I truly hope you are also. Where we go from here, is up to each one of us and the strength of our intent to accomplish our goals and live our dreams.  I hope you come on this wild ride of life with me and unleash your limitless potential! Hair is my craft, sharing light and love is my purpose. I have tackled just about every aspect of the hair industry. I have been an employee, salon owner, educator, curriculum developer, leader, name it, I've done it.  

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In 2010 I began coaching stylists across the U.S. as a Platform Artist and Presenter for Surface Hair Care. I was in classrooms, salons and on some of the biggest trade show stages in North America. In 2016 I was part of the team to create the first Color Trend Collection for Surface Hair’s Pure Color line.  

I developed a strong foundation and craved to share my own unique perspective. I started creating my own conscious hair coloring classes, personal development curriculum and lifestyle blog under my brand Kelli Mason Connecting with so many hairdressers across the U.S, I felt the desire from hairdressers to learn what it takes to become successful and fulfilled. This awareness led me to start sharing more publicly my knowledge in meditation, mindfulness, and personal development. The result has been a successful podcast called: Limitless Hairdresser, my brain child of blending spiritual practices and ancient wisdom into practical magic for expanding the modern hairdresser’s mindset.  

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In 2013 I opened LUX the Salon, my downtown space in Michigan.

The business has continued to transform and is now the headquarters for my creative work, filming, and teaching classes.


In addition to teaching, I love to push the limits of my creative skills. For four seasons I have worked backstage and co-led shows at New York Fashion Week, styling looks for designers such as: Miguel Vieira, Katy Xiomara, Georgine, and co-leading and designing looks for Namilia, John Paul Ataker, and Francesa Liberatore. I am a member of the Professional Beauty Association and am a 5 time NAHA competitor in texture, styling, and color. I was a finalist for the BTC awards in the texture category in 2017.

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Kelli Mason is a hairdresser, educator and mindset mentor for hair stylists and salon owners.

I choose the path that pushes me beyond limits, beyond fear and beyond the familiar. The most important thing I have found is to have the awareness and courage to make choices that inspire change in life.  

Merging what experiences I have learned outside of the hair industry and a perspective from the inside, I'm on a journey to challenge the beauty industry boundaries and my own. Our dream life is ready and waiting for us, are you ready to join me?

manifest your dream life workbook by Kelli Mason

Letting go of your old way of thinking can be scary


I know that making lofty goals and holding your self accountable isn't easy. However, if you are willing to take a leap of faith and start living the life of your dreams, I'm here to help.

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My Mission:  

I believe we all have the opportunity to live the life of our dreams.  My goal is to help people peel back their layers, uncover, and connect with the light inside of them.  Through awareness and presence, we can experience life with happiness and ease.

My Vision:  

To create a shift of energy in the world that will aid in the movement of more empowered, loving, and awakened people who experience life in a way that is beyond themselves. 

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